How to Obtain a Quotation.

Pricing is extremely straightforward.  Each flight is priced on ‘type of timber’, ‘type of structure’, ‘shape of structure’ and floor to floor height.

For a staircase price – please let us know

  • The type  of timber you would like (please choose any many as you wish)
  • The structure you would like (perhaps pick a suitable model from the projects page)
  • The shape of the flight (straight flight / quarter turn or half turn)
  • The floor to floor height (this will tell us how many risers to include)

This will be sufficient information for us to work out a fairly accurate price for your timber staircase.  Drawings are a great help and would answer the majority of the above questions so if you have any, please forward to

We endeavour to prepare quotations within 48 hours.


Ordering your new Staircase

Once a deposit has been paid, production drawings can commence.  These combine a detailed plan view showing the specification of the rise, pitch and going along with a 3-D view which is great  to help visualise the finished article in situ.  Unless otherwise advised, all our timber staircases are designed to meet the requirements of park K of the building regulations in England and Wales and the Scottish Building Regulations in Scotland.


The general delivery time between drawing approval and site delivery is around 6 weeks.  Of course this can both worsen and improve during the year depending on factory workload.  Plus the Swedes break for holiday for a month in summer during which no stairs are produced or dispatched.

The complexity of the staircase could also have an impact on the manufacture time but please remember that the production time commences at drawing approval stage.  Drawing approval is generally straight forward but can take several weeks so please factor this in when working out yor schedule.

We recomend getting your bespoke timber staircase delivered at the very end of your build.  These are high finish products and damage will occur if installed too early.  They should only be installed after all plastering has taken place.

We want to supply you with your bespoke timber staircase so please call 01794 522444 or pop into the showroom to discuss your quotation.



Treads nosing options

As well as the standard tread profile with 5mm radiused edges there are several further options available to add a bit of character to your timber staircase.  Click on each to see a more detailed image.

Modern Profile

Non Slip Stainless Strips

Soft profile

Standard profile

Old Profile

    Non Slip Groves


Newel post options

Contemporary and traditional newel posts to enhance your timber staircase.

Post Body options

Newel Post 1 - 80 x 80mm Newel Post 1 - 80 x 80mm stop chamfered 1 Newel Post 1 - 80 x 80mm stop chamfered plus centre groves Newel Post 2 - 1 Newel Post 3 - 1 Newel Post 4 - 1 Newel Post 5 Newel Post 6-1 Newel Post 7 - 1 Newel Post 9 -WF style Newel Post 8 - 1 Newel Post 10 - Romantic

Post top options

Newel Post top options

Handrail options

Do justice to the most touched part of a staircase!  A stunning range of moulded designs for your hand.

 Handrail no.1  Handrail no.2  Handrail no.3  Handrail no.4  Handrail no.8 - WF  Handrail no.5  Handrail no.7

Spindle options

From intricate timber designs to toughened glass panels – the balustrade ‘infill’ selection which will personalise your staircase and landing balustrade.

 Classic Balustrade  Glass Balustrade  Romantic Balustrade  Royal Balustrade  Stainless - Timber Balustrade  Steel Balustrade  Trend Balustrade  Iron Balustrade


Timber options

42mm solid as standard, supplied varnished, oiled or ‘RAW’ for on–site finishing.

Ash Parquet - S Walnut Parquet - S Ash-S Walnut - S Beech Parquet -S Pine - S Beech-S
Birch - S Oak Parquet - S Elm - S Maple - S Knotted Pine-S Mahogany-S Oak-S

Different supporting structures

Solid yet open and light designs to open up your hallway.

WF Structure

Bespoke Timber Staircase - West London- 1  high Standard Structure


New Age Structure New Age Structure
Bespoke Timber Staircase gal 24 Stepped Structure
Modern Timber Staircase - New Malden, Surrey 6 low Spirit Structure

Please remember, our timber staircases are custom made.  Should you not see the spindle type or new post you ideally want – dont give up.  Please let us know – there is a good chance we have done it before.