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Our client required bespoke staircase design that created a stunning visual impact when entering the hallway of their new refurbishment.  A traditional structure was ruled out for being too bulky but our customer wanted traditional materials to remain.  We therefore proposed the unique ‘Spirit’ structure timber staircase combining solid timber with a modern spine support.  This, coupled with the stainless steel spindles and open risers created a striking effect.  A solid timber staircase with a light and open feel.

Bespoke Timber Staircase  –  Technical Specification
Staircase Structure Spirit Modern Stringer Construction
Floor to Floor Height 2735mm with 14 risers @ 195.4mm
Treads 42mm thick Oak parquet @ 221mm goings
Handrail 42 x 60mm handrail with curved top (no. 1 in range)
Newel Posts 80 x 80mm Oak parquet newels with post top ‘D’
Stringers 2 x 42mm thick Oak parquet
Additional 3.5m landing balustrade
Finish All timber matt varnished in the factory

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