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Our customer was a property developer building two high spec homes in Chiswick, West London.  The two houses included a stunning open plan kitchen / dining area with views over the garden.  Above the kitchen was a mezzanine deck area which was lit by some large pitched windows.  A bespoke timber stair was required for each property to access the mezz deck which had to be in keeping with surroundings without being too modern or ‘designer’- which could possibly put young families off buying the property.  A simple quarter turn solid timber staircase was agreed upon, in stained beech with open risers.  Stainless steel spindles were added to match the kitchen features and these were continued across the mezz deck and the dining level above the kitchen.  The result was stunning.

Bespoke Timber Staircase – Chiswick, London (1)  –  Technical Specification
Staircase Structure Standard Stringer Construction
Floor to Floor Height 2512mm with 13 risers @ 193.2mm
Treads 42mm thick Beech parquet @ 230mm goings
Handrail 42 x 60mm handrail with curved top (no. 1 in range)
Newel Posts 80 x 80mm beech parquet newels with post top ‘D’
Stringers 2 x 42mm Beech parquet
Additional 9m additional landing balustrade plus Apron
Finish All timber stained in the factory

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