We are Complete Stair Systems and we import innovative staircases from around Europe.  Over the years we have carefully selected the continent’s finest staircase supplier’s to be able to offer our customers the most stunning staircases and most complete range within the UK.

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This website is dedicated to our solid timber staircases that are manufactured in Sweden by ATAB TRAPPAN (www.atab-trappan.se). We have been working with Atab for over a decade and they focus on creating light and open solid timber staircases, perfectly in-keeping with the style sought by British property developers and homeowners alike.  There is a wide range of tread nosings, finishes, timbers, handrails, newel and balustrade infill options allowing you to combine and create your dream staircase.

SO – WHY CHOOSE US? Bespoke Timber Staircase - Curved WF handrail


Our solid timber starcases are constructed in a different manner to the conventional UK made staircase in a way that eases assent whilst being more aesthetically pleasing, creating a stunning ‘WOW’ factor.  In addition to the familiar standard ‘double stringer’ design there a four further support structures to choose from to add character and style to the staircase. CNC machinery is used for millimetre accuracy with some of the finer details created by hand.

More winding treads = smoother ascent

A traditional UK made timber staircase will have 3 or 4 winding treads forming a 90 degree turn. Solid Timber Staircase treads Our ¼ turn and 1/2  turn timber staircases create each 90 degree turn with 5, 6 or 7 winding treads.  These treads are not compacted in within the ‘square’ of the turn but spread from several treads before and after the turn as shown on the plan drawing to the right.  You can see that treads 2-8 are angled, ever so slightly.  With this type of construction, the assent of the staircase is much smoother with the 90 degree turn more gradual and more evenly spaced. Much less ‘harsh’ than with a standard 3 tread winder design which creates quite an abrupt turn.


Curved Stringers = visually striking

Our ¼ turn and ½ turn timber staircases that have the above unique winding tread design also have specially shaped stringersAs there are more winding treads spread over the staircase making each turn, the going measurement (depth of each step) varies dramatically as it joins the stringer.  The stringer therefore has to be shaped to accommodate this change in going and results in a stunning, swooping curve when view from the side.  The handrail follows this curve, 900mm above the stringer.  Should the timber staircase consist of glass panels, then these panels will also be shaped to match the curve, overall creating a real design feature to the staircase instead of the standard flat, straight stringers.  The elevation drawings below show this design on a half turn timber staircase.

Timber Staircase Stringer ElevationHarmonious curved stringer and handrail


42mm thick timber = solid reassurance

All stringers and treads are 42mm solid timber on our bespoke timber staircases,  as standard.  Many companies use 25-33mm thick timber which we feel isn’t thick enough to give that really solid, reassuring feel you would expect from a solid timber staircase. We don’t use ply and MDF is only used to clad solid timber, if the part is to be painted – to give a true, grain free finish.

No squeaking treads!

The stringers on our ‘standard’ structure timber staircases are mortised to take the treads with the treads then securely screwed in place from the outer side of the stringer.  Treads are cut-out to ‘slot’ into the stringer providing a firmer join and secure connection. Many competitors will only use one of the above construction methods resulting in slight movement between the tread and stringer, eventually causing a ‘squeak’ as the timbers rub together.  In addition to the physical join, silicon should be added to provide tolerance for any movement in the timber as it reacts to surrounding light, heat and moisture conditions.

Different supporting structures

Solid yet open and light designs to open up your hallway.

  WF Structure

Bespoke Timber Staircase - West London- 1  high Standard Structure


New Age Structure New Age Structure
Bespoke Timber Staircase gal 24  Stepped Structure
Modern Timber Staircase - New Malden, Surrey 6 low Spirit Structure