Floating Stair Cost

Being a custom made product, all of our floating staircases are priced individually.  Given the number of options and possible material choices it would be very difficult to create a price list.  However they ae very easy to price.

To calculate a price we need to know the following

  1. Floor to Floor Height (including any floor finishes)
  2. Stair Width
  3. Stair Shape (often referred to as the stair configuration)
  4. The Choice of timber

Obviously the more information the better but items such as additional landing balustrade would be priced as an additional cost at the bottom of the quote if not requested.  If you have any photos or drawings you could forward to sales@timberstairsystems.co.uk 

Fill out the ready made form to the right for a price.  We will be pretty swift getting back to you.  Don’t worry if the information isn’t 100% accurate at this stage.

Placing your Order

Once you have decided to go ahead and order the staircase will need to contact the office.  Please contact the person who has been looking after you or quote the quotation number if speaking to someone else.

We will then prepare an invoice for the 50% deposit and double check addresses and phone  numbers.  Once the deposit has been received we will prepare drawings for approval prior to production.   These drawings will have to be checked on site before being approved and will most likely require confirmation of the floor to floor height, length and width of opening and the lengths of any landing balustrade required.

The staircases take 8-10 weeks to produce and on top of this you need to factor in a few weeks for drawing and approval.  The stairs should be installed towards the end of the build to minimise any possible damage and to ensure they are fitted to the finished surfaces.  They should not be used by any trades.  Once you have decided on the specification for your staircase – get the order placed straight away.  You might not need the stair for 6 months or a year but ordering early means you can fix the price and book a provisional production slot.  We can also prepare some drawings early which can be tweaked as things progress.  This way all can be managed and timed perfectly –  avoiding any last minute panicking.

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